Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Wow, that's weird to put up there.
Sorry I didn't post yesterday. Worked on a project almost all day and just kept myself busy. This week is going by SOOOOO slowly!
No tests yesterday, I did test this morning w/ 4mu but of course the wondfo hpt is super faulty. Well  maybe not faulty, just no dye in it or something.

Been feeling good though. SO much more calm now, but still nervous.

Guess I'm having some slight increase in symptoms. My boobs are still slowly getting more sore. My right one in particular is pretty sore. My nipples are starting to get a little tender.
For the past 2 nights, I've been getting up a lot more to use the bathroom. Last night I got up about 4 or 5 times.
I'm hungry in the mornings which never happened before. Could usually make it to lunch without eating anything but yeah, that's not happening anymore.
Not really constipated any longer. Seems like it's going to switch from constipation to diarrhea... bleh.
I got really bloated yesterday for no reason. I wasn't eating a lot or anything and I wasn't constipated. Was peeing normally too so yeah, no idea.

Think that's about it.
Hoping for more symptoms next week. Maybe not full blown morning sickness but to get nausea every once in a while would be comforting heh.


Patty said...

You'll definately have some more symptoms next week. 6 weeks is the average. Here's to morning sickness!

Kerrik said...

Yeah for the new ticker...
The symptoms will definitely pick up. I recommend keeping so crackers near you bed. I always found I would get nauseated when I first woke, esp. if I have a sip of water, and just forcing down a few dry crackers was enough to settle my stomach till breakfast. Also don't skip any meals, and try to bring protein into each meal. It really helps with the nausea.

lisabttc said...

Wooooohooo! Love this! I am excited to watch your pregnancy progress :)