Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Have to rant for a min

Ok so after finding out that I was pregnant (still sounds weird.. and yes, I'll probably be saying that a lot more heh).... I've been googling up information, visiting various forums etc.

Well, I came across one, looked around. Seems pretty active so I start going there often.
A few days ago, some person posts up a thread in the First Tri section and asked if anyone else is going to be having a drink during Christmas or New YEars.
SOOOOOO many women plan on drinking!! WHAT... THE.... FUCK???
Have people just never heard of fetal alcohol syndrome??? Do they not realize how important the first trimester is???
Alcohol is a poison! Sure it's a fun tasty poison, but not when you're pregnant!! UGH that just upsets me so much. I don't understand why a woman would risk it. It must be from women who have never had a miscarriage or struggled. I just think it's totally selfish to do something like that.
I know people disagree and will bring up soandso study that says *insert amount* is OK to drink....
What a load of horse crap IMO.
And it seems like it's always the ones that know someone that drank all the time and their baby is ok or some such bullshit.


I guess I'm just extra sensitive to that b/c of all of my losses and struggles. I just don't see why anyone would do something that has a potential risk during the time of your pregnancy when it's most important you're eating healthy. *shrugs*
Whatever... their bodies and all that jazz.... sigh...


Anonymous said...

There are affecting another human sickens me to the core as well. I want to kick women in the face that I see having a glass of wine or 1 "social" cigarette. UGH. I'm right there with you.

Brenda said...

some women are just plain irresponsible...

SLESE1014 said...

I'm totally with you...I refused to drink anything alcoholic and avoided caffeine until I was 36 weeks. In some cultures it's completely acceptable.

People can make their own decisions, but this is one I'll argue with to my amount of alcohol is OK when a woman is pregnant, at least for me it's not!

Jen said...

People don't get it. They don't think about half the stuff we do.

Sara McLaughlin said...

Horrible horrible, I wouldn't imagine risking it!! I mean I barely drink as it is!! Although I am aiming to get royally smashed this Christmas, it's okay because my uterus has chosen to stay infertile. Stupid women!! Arg!

juliane2004 said...

agreed 100%

Anonymous said...

Drinking while pregnant or even when you think you may be pregnant is so irresponsible and infuriating to me. There was a girl my sister is friends with, who had told us for a couple weeks she thought she was pregnant, but was waiting to take a test to confirm, because there was a big party coming up and if she "knew" she was pregnant her boyfriend wouldn't let her drink. She got completely wasted and woke up the next morning passed out under some stranger's kitchen table.
She took a pregnancy test that afternoon and yep it was positive.
That still irritates me. Idiots like that can pickle their babies in alcohol, stay pregnant and later have healthy babies they don't want to care of.

Alana said...

Um... a small amount of alcohol during pregnancy is ok. I'm talking maybe half a glass of wine or a sip of champagne.
If you have issues with reproduction, then yeah, you shouldn't drink. But for the average woman, it really doesn't matter. There are plenty of up-to-date studies that prove having a small amount of alcohol has no effect whatsoever.
Do some research before you judge and hate on people.

Alana said...

And I am assuming none of you will take the time to read this since it doesn't agree with what you believe in, so:
"Indeed, for some behavioural and cognitive outcomes, children born to light drinkers were less likely to have problems compared to children of mothers who abstained."
"Even after adjusting for family and socioeconomic factors, boys born to mothers who drank lightly were 40 per cent less likely to have "conduct" problems and 30 per cent less likely to show hyperactive behaviour."
I think your ignorance is a little more infuriating than having a sip of champagne on New Years Eve.

Alana said...

Oh and another thing to the OP: it's interesting you are so concerned about what other people do yet your blog is about you being fat which isn't good for you or baby. Why didn't you take the time you spent TTC to exercise and eat healthy so your baby has the best shot? You also talked about in a newer post how you are eating bad and gaining a lot of weight rapidly. I think putting on so much weight is worse than having a sip of wine one time.
Plus, if you're fat then you probably have terrible eating habits which you will pass on to your child(ren) which just passes on all the health/self-esteem problems to another generation. I think what you are doing is more harmful in the long-run.