Sunday, December 4, 2011


First... I did get to sleep pretty much as soon as my head hit the pillow. I still woke up early, but it was enough to take my temp.
Temp was 98.11, which is down from what it was, but still above coverline. It makes me nervous though.

I'm wide awake right now so took a test (wondfo). SO damn annoyed with these tests. While I do love them, I just wish the HPTs would show a consistant quality level. How could I have such awesome lines 2 days ago, and now, it's gone back to being super faint! UGH annoying!

Ok, for the ranting.
I'll try to keep it short.
Why does everything have to be a damn debate? Especially on a TTC board. It doesn't happen as often in some circles as it does others, but come on... a site dedicated to help support women in their TTC journeys... why start a debate? Or well, more like, why do debates always have to get personal!
I totally understand that we're not all going to have the same opinions, but there is a way to disagree without taking some quick passive aggressive jabs.
I'm sure ALL of us struggling to conceive have had some pretty horrific thoughts and feelings when it comes to certain things and damnit, on a site filled with others struggling, we should feel safe to post that and not feel like we're being attacked or feel like we're a terrible person or naive for feeling the way we do.
Ya know?
I'm not saying you should keep an opinion to yourself if you disagree, but there is a way to say it too.
Not even going to pretend I'm some little miss perfect that always says the right things in situations like that because I'm totally not.
I dunno... just this one post that is going on in a forum that I go to... I can see the way it's going and it's not gonna be pretty.
People on BOTH sides are starting to make it personal and just... UGH Unncessary drama!!!

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lisabttc said...

I can't stand that drama! I've seen it so many times on that site. While I do love the site, I took my buddy group to a private location. I just lurk on TWW now.
I hope your next set of pee sticks look awesome! I really believe this is YOUR time! I am so psyched about it. Gives me hope <3 Good luck sweetie!!