Friday, December 23, 2011

Happy Holidays!!

Just posting this now in case I don't post before Christmas arrives.
I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday or just a wonderful weekend :)

And may 2012 bring lots more sticky BFPs and babies :)

Just a thought... anyone else thinking about Dec 12th 2012? I think that's the day that the world is supposedly coming to an end? Or just some time in December of next year.
I think it's a load of BS, but hey, ya never know and it's not like we can exactly prevent it if it does happen, ya know.


socialite_baby said...

I think it's Dec. 21st? I don't think the world will end either... I read something the other day that said the Mayan calendar might be off by years or even decades! I think something might happen, but only because the day has been built up to encourage mass hysteria and panic. I truly believe no one knows when the day will come, but I do think it would be funny if it were Dec. 22nd or something. Everyone thought they lived through the 21st and then BAM!

lisabttc said...

Hey hun, I'm trying to stay away from blogging and stuff mostly. Wanted to say I'm thinking of you and so happy for you! Have a great holiday!