Saturday, September 4, 2010


Or however many DPO I really am lol.

As you can see, my last wondfo test is just all sorts of FUBARed, but you can still see the 2nd line pretty clearly which is a relief :)

I may try to convince DH in to getting me some answer tests :P lol

Last night was a surprise at dinner. We usually go out Friday nights with DH's family.
I knew it was coming, I just didn't expect then.
His aunt asked me if I was still on clomid or if I had moved on to injections.
I was dreading talking about it, but she started to talk about her own experiences with infertility treatments.
I dunno... it was just... refreshing? I honestly had no idea what to expect from his family, but I was expecting the worst and well... that's not what happened.
Shame on me for assuming the worst though.
She just seemed happy to talk about her own experiences with someone that knew what she went through ya know? And boy did she go through a lot!

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