Friday, September 17, 2010


I forgot to update today! I thought I had for some reason. Oh well.
So the bleeding is barely there. Hopefully tomorrow morning it will be completely gone.
It's been brown old blood most of the day. There's been some orangy colors stuff, but it has still been barely there. YAY!

Also ordered some lingerie. SIGH. Lol. Found a really good website with a lot of babydolls that I really like. I had to tell DH. He won't know what I actually get, but hopefully I'll look good in it.
One of the things I got was in a 2x. The rest I got everything in 1x. The 2x one was a babydoll that I purchased on ebay. It's one that I REALLY wanted, but everywhere else was $30+, and then I saw the 2x for only $19. I figured I could cinch it up here and there if I have to. It's flowy though so I don't think the size will matter much anyway.

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