Thursday, September 9, 2010

Day 2

Not as bad as I thought it would be.
I'm still cramping some. It's weird actually having cramps since well, I haven't had real cramps during an AF since I was a teenager. Well this isn't a normal AF but you know what I mean.
Ibuprofin is my best friend right now though.

The bleeding has let up tremendously. Kind of concerning that maybe everything isn't going to get flushed out, but I think since it was such an early loss, maybe there just wasn't that much to get rid of to begin with? I doubt my HCG ever got to more than 27 since my tests never got darker. So my little bean stopped developing pretty early on.

Seems as though the bleeding may pick up a bit more. That usually happens w/ my AFs. At night it slows down, and then the next day it picks back up.

And lemme clarify what I said yesterday. I did change my pad 5 times within an hour. It's not b/c I was filling one up. It's b/c I was going straight to the bathroom as soon as I felt a clot pass. So when I used the bathroom, the clot would be on the pad. I just was not going to clean it off or something and continue using the pad after that. It didn't happen every time, but well, enough to where I changed it that often.

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