Friday, September 3, 2010

Gagging BLEH

Let me explain that my dog Cid sometimes has a problem when he poops.
Not sure why, but sometimes, a little piece of turd gets stuck to his ass, so we have to wipe it off.
Now other than the occasional strong shit smell, it has never bothered me before. Obviously it's not something I enjoy, although I think the dog does.... perv.... but now.... my gag reflex was having none of it.

Let the dogs out, let them back in, checked his booty and instantly gagged when I saw the poo and couldn't stop.
I didn't throw up. A little bit of this thick saliva/mucus stuff came out, but that was it.

And thinking about that, and just the thought of gagging is making me want to gag more.

I'll endure it if it means my bean is staying put.


unaffected said...

Lol! I like to call that hanging-turd a dingleberry!

And I'm digging the new page design! :)

LisaL said...

Thanks :D

Lol yeah, dingleberry is a good term to call it ;)