Saturday, September 18, 2010


Yay for semi-drunken hot sex. lol
Neither of us got plastered, but it was still fun. We have A LOT of alcohol left over. Hopefully that'll be sitting in the freezer for oh, 9 months or so.
I had 2 White Russians, about 4 shots of Porn Star, and then 4 shots of porn star mixed in to 2 drinks w/ sierra mist. The porn star drink doesn't have much alcohol in it. It tastes pretty good though. Mixed with the sierra mist, it tastes like a tootsie pop.
I swear, it seems like I'm some lush or we can only have great sex if we're buzzed. That's not the case I promise lol. We drink maybe once a month if that much. And our normal sex life is just as great. It's just that when we get a bit buzzed, all of those insecurities I have about my body fly out the window and I'm not so focused on that and can just have fun with DH.

I did experience a little bit of spotting last night. It was there when I used the bathroom, but thankfully that was the only time it happened. There was a little bit of residue left, but that was very light and barely there.

Going to start OPKs today I think. If I remember to that is. Felt some twinging this morning on my left O. I doubt anything will happen, but I can hope.

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