Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Bleeding again

So the bleeding has returned.
It slowed down for a while there. Barely there when using the bathroom, and started to turn brown.
Now it has started back up again. Most of it is the same color, but there was a drop of red red on the tp. I think it's going to keep getting heavier.

I took a wondfo test. Got my new batch in today.
There is barely a line on it. Not like before where you could tell it was there and it had color. No, this test had a line that most people wouldn't even see or thought it was just an evap.
Also took an OPK and it's 2nd line was lighter as well.

I broke down when DH got home. He could tell something was wrong and I just couldn't hold it in any longer.
I couldn't talk at first, so after I calmed a little. He asked if this means I started my period.
I said no, and told him that I just bled a little. He then asked if my tests were getting darker, and I told him no.
I think he's still trying to hold on to some hope, but I've lost all of mine to be honest for this little bean.
I just hope next time he/she decides to stick around.
Going to ask the nurse or whoever I see tomorrow when we'll be able to start trying again and make it clear I want to start ASAP.

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