Monday, September 20, 2010

Run small?

Do G-strings run small or something? I know I have some thunder thighs but I KNOW I'm not a 2X in the undies department.
I got one of the lingerie today. The G-string is WAY too small. I could probably get it on, but I'd have to be cut out of it...which could be fun in and of itself but not the point lol.
It's not a big deal though, but makes me nervous for the other things I'll be getting. I hope they're not smaller. Sigh, they could be though.
May have to keep them on hold until I lose more weight.
Bleh, damnit.


Anonymous said...

yes, they do run small. i find the ones from walmart ones are good, especially from the "Curvy" sextion, but la senza or victorias sectre is EVIL. they runn small for a few months then they run a little less small to make people think theyre losing weight then gaining it, to make them buy more during times where people dont buy often like fall or spring (since most people BD during summer and winter, one cause its warm and thongs are good, and the other to keep warm on cold nights :P

cheriespin said...

im going to be flitting back and forth with things, so if my logins change forgive me :)