Monday, September 20, 2010


So, I took a look down there and I think we may have torn a little something. I'm not positive though.
I'm about to overshare to shield your eyes if you don't want to look.
I'm not oozing anything funky like I've read how yeast infections are lol. I think I'm spotting a little from it. Like just a barely there smudge on my panty liner. But that's not really surprising considering where it is.
Now I'm not positive what I saw was the tear, since I don't exactly make a habit of looking at myself down there lol, but I THINK it is.
It should be fine though. We'll just have to be a bit more careful with future sexcapades :P

EDIT: Oh yeah.... definitely a tear or something. We just BD'd and OUCH. Going to have to stop the bumping uglies for a while until I'm healed up. Don't do it unless I miraculously ovulate or something (pfft yeah right)

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cheriespin said...

ive done this so much!!

my DF tends to...err....trim, and when he does i get like a whisker burn down there...

also hes kindof...bigger... than most while im smaller, so its not always a good thing. my DR has to use small child to teen speculums when i go in, he cant use adult ones, its so embarasing.

to help it heal an antifungal cream helps with the itching like a monostat or something of the like, but only use if it it dosnt heal over night, warm baths help too!