Tuesday, September 21, 2010


My vajay is feeling much better today. I can barely even feel anything down there. Thank goodness it stopped itching the first day. I'd be more worried about a continuous itching than a stinging sensation funny enough.
Still no BDing for a few more days at least though.

Sigh, we should be getting an invite for DH's cousin's wedding soon. UGH I will scream if that bitch gets pregnant before me.
Yes, there is that selfish part of me that wants to have the first next generation, but it's not even about that mainly. She's just a god awful person.
During their grandmother's funeral, she came up with a smile on her face and asked me if I knew what her name was. Uhm, WHAT? I was caught off guard and didn't answer her, so she walked off with this smug look on her face. Seriously, WTF?
She's completely irresponsible. Her parents have bought her 2 cars. The 2nd one, she sold a few months later to her boyfriend's parents for over 10k less then what was spent on it so she could pay for her and her boyfriend to move to California (which didn't happen).
Her parents paid for her college. Paid for her to live in an extremely nice dorm.. for her to not even finish her first semester and give up college all together. I know college isn't for everyone, but from what we've heard, she didn't even try. Before she went off, her parents threw her a going away party. Family and friends showed up, and gave her presents, she pretty much stuck her nose up at everything she was given. You know that fake "oh thank you" kind of comment and smile when you or someone else doesn't really like a present they got but they don't want to be rude about it. Well she did that with everything. EVERYTHING. Specially the things her parents gave her, which was a bunch of nice shit for her dorm life.
She is smug, bratty, stuck up, and a HUGE racist.
During a family get together, her and her douche brother started telling fucking racist jokes. And these jokes were AWFUL. I don't remember them exactly, what I do remember is a bunch had to deal with what the Nazi's did to the Jewish people during the holocaust.
UGH I can't stand her or her damn brother at all.

I just hope I'll be in my TWW by the time her wedding rolls around. And gawd damnit..... I'm gonna have to get a new dress for that shit b/c hell, I'm not fucking girly and own like 1 dress which is black and doesn't fit right any longer (my huge fat arms are too big for the sleeves. Damn you fucking girl clothes!).

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