Thursday, September 23, 2010

Self Pity time!

Just feeling a bit of that "unfair" moment coming on.
Stuff like, women who ovulate on their own have NO idea how lucky they are.
Yes some of them do have infertility issues unfortunatly, BUT at least they get to try every month. At least they don't have to spend money JUST to try. At least they always have a chance and don't have to rely on their doctor's opinion and choice.
I'm just so sick and tired of having to rely on medications to even get my fricking period! I'm so tired of having to hope that my doctor will give it to me earlier so I won't have to wait even longer to try again.
I'm so sick of just not knowing if the next injection cycle is even going to work.
Yes DH has a good job, but we can't keep up with all of the injection cycles for long. I don't see how some couples do it when their insurance covers none of this shit.
And I'm SO scared that next injection cycle, it's going to be a BFN. Before, the BFNs sucked, but after getting a BFP.... I think seeing BFNs will hit a lot harder.

I just want this part to be over and done with.


unaffected said...

I want this part to be over and done with for you too, Lisa :( **big hugs**

Kerrik said...

I hope thing are looking up for you this cycle.