Saturday, September 11, 2010

Day 4... better

I had to sleep on the couch last night. Dog was having some seriously bad alpo farts that lingered. I was going to puke if I stayed in the room.
So went out to sleep on the couch, and of course his cute but stanky little ass followed. Thankfully I was upwind of him this time so didn't smell anything.
Got up at around 3 to use the bathroom b/c I felt very wet. Wanted to make sure I wasn't leaking all over the place, and there was a large clot/tissue on the pad.
Pretty sure it was more than just a regular blood clot b/c well, it was puffy and 2 toned. Some of it was red, other was lighter. I felt it and there was definite mass to it, not just slimy like a clot would be.
I hope I've passed it all, like during bathroom trips without realizing. Would hate to be told that I didn't pass everything and have to get a D&C anyway to clear the rest of it and then have to wait even longer to start trying again.
I think the worst of it has passed though. At least I'm really hoping so. I just don't want that awful backache to come back.

I started soy yesterday. taking 400mg of it. Yes I know, it's a lot. But if I didn't respond to 150mg of clomid, then I figured, maybe I would 200, and soy is supposed to work half as well, blahblah. So I'm taking 400mg of it. I should be getting my saw palmetto and red clover today.

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