Friday, September 17, 2010

OOO I feel it coming

Boy that title sounds so dirty lol.
I'm talking about a headache though. I can feel one coming on. May be a dehydrated headache. Gonna have to chug down something. I'll take tylenol too just in case though.

But good news, the bleeding has FINALLY stopped! WOOOO
Woke up just dreading what I was going to see when I used the bathroom, and voila! NO BLOOD! YAY!
Now just to get some alcohol and get my freak on lol.
Damnit, but we have to go out to eat with the family so... probably won't be until around 8 until we start to get things going.
And I'm sure everyone wants to know all the other details lol. I know, I tend to overshare a bit, but oh well. We're all adults, not like we haven't heard this stuff before... or done it ourselves *winkwink* heh

I'm excited to get my lingerie too. Not sure when I'll get it. Hopefully next week some time. If I don't look too hideous in them, I'll probably end up buying more in the future. Wish there was more I did like. Like Teddys. I just don't think they're flattering at all though. Not even on the women with fantastic bodies. Most of them remind me of ugly 80's high leg cut swim suits that just don't look good. Corsets I like but they're SO expensive for the nice looking ones, and way too damn hard to get in.
I dunno... Even though I'm not girly myself, I like that about the babydolls. I like how sweet and girly they are. I wish there were more that didn't open in the front though. UGH how awful would that be. Here I come in my babydoll with my belly all exposed and hanging out the front. BLEH. Even if the material is sheer, at least it's some cover.

And yeah, I'll stop rambling.

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