Wednesday, September 1, 2010


I can't hold my pee for very long. I know that's a symptom, but I think it's just from me thinking about it.

I took another wondfo hpt and opk though.

The HPT looks a little darker than this morning, but still very faint.
I took the opk b/c I was just curious to see how dark the line would be. It's actually pretty close to being a +. I know the photo doesn't show that very well though.

I know I should try not to worry so much, but my breasts aren't sore any longer. I know w/ hormone fluctuations, symptoms can come and go (from what I've read at least), but it's not very reassuring w/ the light test this morning.

Was thinking about waiting to take a test tomorrow, for after the appointment, but I think it would be better if I took it before.
That way if it is a negative, I can tell them what the tests have been doing.

I'm running low on wondfo HPTs. Only have 3 left. I have a bunch of OPKs left though which doesn't really help anything, but oh well. Maybe it'll be a good thing when I can't test any longer.

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