Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Gory Details

So, like the title says, I'm about about to go in to gory very specific details on what's happening.
Maybe it'll help someone in the future.

Alrighty, so hmm, where to start. I'll just start off with when I woke up.
So, I had bright red blood w/ my FMU. Just when I wiped though. It was still pretty watered down, but anyone could've told that it was definitly fresh blood.
2nd MU, it was back to being an orangy red w/ a spot of bright red blood.
After coming back from the RE's office, used the bathroom I think 2 more times, and almost nothing on the tp. BUT pretty much right after coming out of the RE's office, my back started aching and I started to feel bloated.
About 30mins before the RE called, I knew it was over. It felt like AF had arrived. When I get AF, I'll usually push down there to help get out any clots, and for some reason I think it's going to speed AF up (it doesn't lol), and I can actually feel the blood coming out. It's the way I can confirm that AF has actually started.
Well that's what happened this time. It was light at first, but it picked up pretty quickly after that.
My backache and bloating got extremely bad. I also started to cramp. I don't think the cramps would've been that bad by themselves, but with the other 2, I was in aching ladybits HELL.
I ended up taking 3 Ibuprofin that seemed to take forever to finally kick in.
The clots started off small and pretty fresh looking, like the blood had just started to clot.
Then the clots started to get larger and darker.
I think I went through about 5 pads in an hour b/c the large clots were coming so quickly. They really didn't get that large. Maybe half the size of my palm or a little bigger. And I never noticed any kind of tissue passing as I've read a lot of people experience. I think I've only ever noticed tissue durig AF once when I was a teenager. It was a rectangle and felt spongy from what I remember.
Weird thing though is that they don't feel like large clots when I pass them. It feels like small clots, but then I look in to the toilet, and there's this big glob at the bottom of the toilet.
Bleeding has slowed a little bit, but this is just the beginning. I'm sure it will probably get heavier again. I won't be sleepind well for a few days, always afraid I'm leaking all over the place and having to get up to change my pad. Lovely.....

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