Friday, September 10, 2010

Day 3

Still cramping some and my back is starting to ache again. The cramping I can deal with. It's light and not awful. But the backache, good lord the lower backache is AWFUL. It's not that it's REALLY painful or anything, it's just that the pain radiates out and is a constant pain that you can not get rid of.
Oh well... I guess even early losses can still cause your body to react this way.

DH asked me yesterday if we could get pregnant this cycle. I think he's hoping that I'll ovulate on my own. He knows I don't, but he's hoping. So am I to be honest.
I'm going to try a bunch of herbal shit.
I'm going to try soy iso again. It didn't work for me before, and well, clomid doesn't, but maybe I just need to take the right amount.
I'm also going to start taking maca root again. Going to hve to buy capsules for it though. I can't stomach the taste of it any longer.
Also going to try Saw palmetto and red clover.
It's a lot of shit that probably won't work, but oh well. Might as well try it out for a cycle and see what happens.

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