Thursday, September 16, 2010

Plus Size Ranting!!

UGH Why couldn't I at least have a flat stomach. It could still be big. I could still be thick, but with a FLAT stomach. God damn you insulin resistance. Damn you PCOS for ruining my body like this!!!!!

I'm 30yo, almost 31 and I don't even own anything sexy for my DH and we've been together for gawd, 12..13years now.
I was just looking up plus size lingerie and NONE of it, unless I want to squeeze my ass in to a corset (which I already have 3, counting the wedding dress one), would look good on me.
Damn you ugly nasty below belly button POOCH. GOD I hate it so damn much but it sure as hell doesn't want to go the F away!
It would be nice if the plus size models were bigger, or had different plus size shapes instead of the gorgeous big boobs flat stomach ones.
Show some frickin lumpy ass, lumpy stomach ones. Show them in all of the same kinds of lingerie so girls like myself can see how we'd possibly look.
Maybe I should just start wearing my corsets (all bought for my wedding FYI.. although I'm sure they could be used for fun too).... see if squeezing the hell out of the fat stomach would cause the fat to move elsewhere... oo maybe more in to my boobs. DH would LOVE that lol


pookiedoo87 said...

Not sure if you have them where you live, but Fredericks of Hollywood and Ross always have good plus size lingerie. I love lingerie, and I do not have a flat stomach! Good luck!

LisaL said...

Yeah I looked up Fredericks, there was one babydoll that I really liked, but I'm gonna keep looking. Maybe find something on ebay.