Thursday, September 2, 2010

Beta today!

I really need to stop taking my BBT. I had a temp drop this morning and it's freaking me out. But looking things up on google, looks like temp fluctuates so that could be what is going on. I hope so at least.

Went ahead and took the answer test. Was going to save it for later, but the temp drop scared me in to taking it.
I wanted to be able to tell the nurse if it was lighter or if it was BFN or something.
It looks like it may be slightly darker than yesterdays, but not by much.
The wondfo looks like it is darker though even though the photos don't really show it.

Also took a photo of the answer test a couple minutes after the 3minute mark. The instructions say to read it then. Dunno why b/c the line continues to darken for at least 5 more minutes. Maybe even 10.

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