Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Just decided to ramble a bit.
I wish this bleeding would just stop already!! It better not last until this weekend. I want to get plastered and have a bit of triple X showdown with DH for my B-Day, and well, bleeding would really ruin that plan.

Hmmm what else.
Oh, thank goodness for no more soy. I swear that stuff gives me awful headaches. I still hope it works but I doubt it will. If the real stuff did nothing, then what the hell are the chances that soy, something not proven, would work.
Sigh, I can still hope though.

Oh my HCG came back a 0, so yay for that. At least I don't have to come back to get that checked.
Although now I have to call back to set up an appointment for the consult to discuss what we want to do next.
I don't see what the problem is. The injections worked, how about we do that again huh? See, not difficult at all and it doesn't require us to go in and spend money.

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