Sunday, September 19, 2010


That's about how I feel today.
I think I've been eating WAY too much sugar lately. All the candy and desserts is starting to catch up with me. I def notice how awful I start to feel afterwards. I really need to calm my sweet tooth down. I'm already at risk of getting diabetes, I don't need to push it any further.

My vag is feeling very irritated right now. Not sure what the hell is causing it. Just itchy and dry. The dry feeling is probably causing the itchy irritated feeling. Wiped after using the bathroom earlier and there was some blood.
We did have a few slip ups the other night BDing, so maybe that was the cause. Maybe I have a small cut or something down there. Hopefully it heals up soon whatever it is. Bleh, hope it's not a yeast infection or something like that. I've never had one before *knock on wood* and sure as hell don't want to get one now.

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