Saturday, September 11, 2010

Small update

So, I did get my red clover and saw palmetto today.
DH tells me that the saw palmetto can cause birth defects. Greaaaat, so that's money wasted. Unless he wants to start taking it for his prostate, but if it messed with testoterone in women, imagine what it would do in a guy. So yeah, it's going in to the bathroom closet.
I will start taking the red clover though.

Since I have to take so many soy pills, I'm breaking it up throughout the day. It's 10 pills in total (that smell like tobacco, bleh). So I'm splitting it morning  noon & night.

Bleeding has let up a lot but it's still there. Thankfully no more cramping or backache though. Well my ovaries have been cramping a little bit. Funny enough, they start after I take the soy. We'll see what happens.

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