Monday, January 24, 2011


Hmm maybe the line yesterday wasn't b/cit was too diluted.
There but light. The OPK is still obviously positive. I think that will start fading tomorrow.
My temp was also up this morning finally. I still think I O'd the day before yesterday, but one day here or there isn't going to change much of anything.

We BD'd one more time last night. I think we have all of our bases covered this time around plus I think DH needs a rest hehe. Ok this is going to be some sex TMI, just a warning if anyone is a bit sensitive to this stuff.
There was a post on the forums that I go to that mentioned orgasming after the guy to help. I've heard this before. I read that the orgasm is supposed to help suck in more sperm in to the cervix, or position the cervix better or something like that. Either way it is supposed to help.
So being reminded of it, I thought we could try.
Now I don't O every time we DTD, but when I do, it's usually before he finishes. So decided to try it the other way. The last 2 times, held up a bit and finished after he did. There def wasn't as much leaking afterwards. Not sure if it's going to help at all but we'll see I guess.

Oh and I had the weirdest dream. I dreamt we had gone in to the store. I was standing there looking at something and this fiery curly redheaded flowerchild hippy chick that is extremely pregnant comes up to me. I admire her belly and she says I can touch it if I want. I hesitate, but decide WTH and touch it. I don't feel anything at first, but after a pause I guess to feel what the baby is doing, she guides my hand to feel the baby moving.
I take my hand off and say that's awesome and a group of people gather around her b/c she starts telling a story. I have no idea what she's saying b/c her baby starts to move like crazy. It's like this woman's skin was paper thin b/c you could see every detail of the baby when it moved. It was pretty freaky. And then all of a sudden, her dress flutters up and the baby's head is sticking out of her vajay. She says something along the lines of "No you don't" and proceeds to push the baby's head back in to her. O_O
The dream kind of fast forwards 20 years, and this woman is in a hospital w/ a grown man's head sticking out of her vajay. It's the baby she refused to birth! The son starts arguing w/ the crazy ass mother about something and yeah that's all I remember.
Frickin WEIRD and disturbing!


LisaB said...

Wow, what a strange dream! Maybe it's a sign?

I'm sure you guys did a great job of catching that eggie! I've heard the same thing about the big O! Good luck!

unaffected said...

Good luck!! Sounds like you guys have all the bases covered :)