Friday, January 28, 2011

Starting to get my hopes up.... damnit

I used to like getting my hopes up, but after so many failed attempts, it's tiring to go through that cycle of emotions over and over again. Especially since in my case, it always leads to such heartache and disappointment.

But here I am, getting my hopes up once again. I just looked at possible due dates if we're successful this time. If going by first day of this cycle, then I'd be due around Sept 28th.
If going by possible conception (just going by ovulation), then my due date is Oct 15th or 16th. Would be AMAZING if it was the 15th or 16th. DH's birthday is on the 15th. Would be the best present ever lol.

Hopefully there's an eggbert or 2 floating their way to my uterus right at this moment, making themselves comfy for their 9 month stay. I keep visualizing it just hoping that doing that will somehow help heh.

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