Thursday, January 13, 2011

Damn you BCBS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gawd damn Blue Cross Blue Shield BULLSHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

RE ordered more follistim. 2 more vials actually.
Got a call from the pharmacy to confirm and all that junk. Got a total of 520something dollars.
Tell them that our insurance requires prior approval (PA) now. Get told that it shows that our insurance DOESN'T cover the meds any longer but that they'll call the insurance and see what is going on.
Get another call from the pharmacy to confirm the order again, but it was just a mix up. I tell this girl as well that we need PA. She also tells me that our insurance says it doesn't cover it any longer, but she's going to give them a call about the PA.
I guess she looks up other cases of people with BCBS needing prior approval and she tells me that none of them were approved. She wasn't telling me this to be mean or anything like that, she was actually very nice and sympathetic. She just wanted to make sure that I knew that there was a chance that our insurance wasn't going to pay up.
There is absolutely NO reason for them to refuse to cover my stuff.
Anyway, we had to pay full price again, but she said that they're going to file a claim so we get reimbursed for this prescription and the $900 one as well.

Sigh... crying right now out of frustration and I'm scared that this could be our last chance. At least for a very long time. We just can't afford to pay $1500 every month for the meds alone, NM the doctor visits, or well, every other month. And it's not like I'm a wine, my full body doesn't get better with age.

I feel so helpless right now and angry. FINALLY when we have a chance, and our insurance could possibly screw us like this. They better not refuse to pay up b/c there is absolutely no reason why they shouldn't pay. I'm not doing injections w/ IUI or IVF. If they do refuse to pay, DH is going to call them.

Supposed to hear back from the pharmacy. The lady said probably next week.

Even in light of all of this crap, I'm still really hopeful for this cycle. Scared about all of this mess obviously, and scared that this won't work, but I'm just not feeling stressed about it if that makes sense. I just feel kind of at peace. Oh I'm sure I'll be devasted if it's a failed attempt again, but right now I'm ok.


SLESE1014 said...

We had a change this year. Our insurance used to cover gonal-f, but now only covers follistim. When the script said gonal-f we would have to pay full price, butmifmwe changed it to follistim,it would be covered....I hope this is all it is for you... Baby dust to you this cycle!

LisaB said...

GRRRRR. I hate insurance companies. Hang in there hun.