Monday, January 3, 2011

Just wanted to update

Haven't posted in a while so just wanted to give a bit of an update.
No AF yet. Maybe the prolonged break screwed things up some. Who knows. I did have a very small smudgy barely there spot on the tp earlier, but that has been it so far.
I'm getting all of my typical pre-AF symptoms though, so I know she's coming. I'll probably take an HPT tomorrow morning just in case. HA yeah right, but I will anyway if nothing starts tonight.
So instead of going in Tuesday, or even Wednesday for that matter, it will probably be Thursday before we get in there. DH said he has some crap to do Wed so yep. That's ok though. Right now it doesn't look like AF will be coming until tomorrow, so Thursday would be cd3, so np at all.

Erm what else. Drove my car a bit more finally. Really fun little car to drive. I can see why DH likes going a bit fast around turns now heh.
I dunno, thinking DH should just take the car though. At least most of the time. I really don't plan on driving much and if I do need it, then I could just take the truck or take the car that day or something.
Still need to get used to the car though. The brakes on it on SO sensitive. Also need to take it in b/c I guess when they were installing the new rear view mirror, they screwed something up b/c the one push up/down window feature on the driver side isn't working.


needlife2change said...

I feel your pain as far as AF not coming on her own! It would be a dream come true if it ever did happen though! I'm trying DCF after This period comes on. It's a natural alternative and it has helped a lot of women. I'm skeptical, but if you want to find more info on it you can at:

No, I'm not advertising lol, just thought you might want to check the info out. I will let you know if I see any improvements in MY PCOS or regulating my cycle.

LisaL said...

Oh I think I've read about that stuff helping a lot of PCOS women. Well maybe not that brand but the same type.
Please do keep me updated on if it works :D It better for that price ;)