Thursday, January 27, 2011


The line is barely there. I think you can still sorta see it in the photo. I really think it would be darker if it had been taken w/ a better PP sample, but oh well. I think the trigger will be undetectable by tomorrow or the next day anyway.

I had a slight temp dip. I don't think it's IB. I'm only 4 or 5 dpo so probably just an estrogen surge or maybe the thermometer was still slightly cool or something. Who knows.

Bewbs and nipples are still sore. Felt achey in uterus and my right side when I tried laying on my stomach last night. The right side is probably due to cysts or something. I've been feeling some aches coming from the left as well, but that could be b/c of bowels.

I had another weird dream. I dreamt myself, DH, and the 2 main characters from Grey's Anatomy (Christina & Meredith) were stuck in this kind of video game Silent Hill type of creepy death maze. It was more like a building, but there were puzzles everywhere and just a ton of different ways to die.
We're going through it, and suddenly a wind-up chattering teeth toy starts to follow us. The teeth turns in to a little maybe 3 or 4yo Asian boy and he sort of starts telling us where to go, what not to do etc.
Everyone ignores him though or does the opposite.
We come upon various creepy rooms. Like old hospital rooms w/ curtains drawn to hide the beds behind them. Dark walkin closets filled with clothes, abandoned offices etc.
We eventually get to a stairwell that the little boy told us NOT to go in. We head in to it anyway. I lag behind and end up hearing the boy saying to himself or someone that he's going to kill us all eventually. O_O
I woke up as I started to go down the stairs.


SLESE1014 said...

YIKES!!! Sleep walking almost falling down stairs? That's freaky...I hate the weird dreams that come with the 2WW. They are freaky and weird and all over the place. I never feel really rested during that time. Probably cos I'm worried about what's happening inside my ute.

And I tagged you in my blog for an award!

LisaL said...

Oh no no.... I wasn't sleep walking heh. In the dream, I started to go down the stairs and that's when I woke up. heh I should've worded that better :D