Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Once again....

I was right! :P lol
Seriously though, I knew staying on 125 wasn't going to do anything, and yep, it didn't.
My E2 only went up to 73. I don't know why the hell the RE takes it SO slow with me. I mean damn, my previous cycles just shows that my body needs A LOT of stimulation to do what it should.
I could understand if this was just my 2nd injection cycle or something, and we were still learning what my body is going to do, but come on! Review my damn charts and finally realize that, hey, this chick could use a higher dose!
I'm sorry, I'm just frustrated. It's just my impatients getting the better of me I think. I am only on cd 8 right now :P heh
Oh well.... my dose has been raised to 150. I'm sure next time it will be raised again to 175 unless the RE just enjoys wasting our time and money.

DH can't get off Friday, so the nurse is asking the RE if going in Saturday is fine.

Oh and apparently, on Monday, the RE forgot to even schedule me to come in today. So we showed up and they had no record of us needing to come in. Awesome..... :\

I know I complain a lot but I'm ok with this place. Not going to like everything that happens ya know.

I am feeling twinges and aches in my right O area still.. even if apparently it's only just a little something that is happening. Still not sure if the left side was O or not. Guess we'll find out at my first u/s whenever that is.


Kerrik said...

Sorry things are so frustrating with the RE. Here's hoping things go better at the ultrasound appt.

A said...

Ugh. I would be "complaining" too!!! GL to you!!

LisaB said...

SO frustrating!! Grr! Hopefully you will start making more progress asap!