Thursday, January 13, 2011

Oh and I have to complain about Grey's again

Tonight's episode was just such an eyeroller.
The whole story line w/ Meredith and Derrick trying to have a baby. UUUUGH
They're supposed to be doctors and this stupid bitch is already testing on day 10 of her cycle? REALLY??? Shouldn't these characters know how to make a damn baby???
And then she used up what was it, TEN hpts in a single day thinking that something was going to change???
What the hell???
ALL of the crap they research for the show and they couldn't even bother to research one of the most basic things out there?? Really?
I swear the entire episode, whenever it showed that storyline my eyes were on constant roll mode.

Oh and I'm going to have to stop going to some of my celeb gossip sites. I swear if I see one more damn celebrity announce their pregnancy, I'm going to scream.


One Cycle at a Time said...

I'm eye-rolling and screaming right along with you... I caught the end of Greys and heard Mer whining about peeing on stuff all day... Then all the surprise baby bumps in Hollywood. Ugh!!! Its enough to drive an IFer mad!!!! :-)

SLESE1014 said...

not that I'm defending grey's, but the first time you tried to get preggers, didn't you start testing ridiculously early because you just knew you were preggers? I know I did. Of course now I know better and I don't even bother to POAS, I just wait for the blood test. Ahhh the excitement and naivety of a first timer!

About the Hollywood surprise pregnancies....I hate them all for making it look so damn easy!

LisaL said...

Oh of course before I knew better I tested, but these characters are supposed to be doctors. THEY should know better. I mean dang, out of everyone out there, you would think a doctor would know how a baby is made and when it can be detected from a test ya know? :P
That was my only gripe. Not that she was obsessing, but that she's a doctor and is completely clueless as to the whole making baby process.