Friday, January 7, 2011

Soooo sleepy

Dern AF. Even though it's not heavy, still making me super sleepy.
Like right after dinner tonight, I could've just curled up and gone to bed for the rest of the night.

Hrmm... what else. Haven't felt any O action going on. Not really surprised by that or anything. Just hoping that my E2 lvl on Monday is good.
Ya know, those negative feelings haven't really shown up yet. I say yet, b/c who knows how I'll feel later, but I'm still feeling positive.
It was a bit depressing going over to the preg boards in the forums that I go to though. Someone in one of the threads that I manage gave birth so I wanted to update their status.
Sigh, just seeing all of the threads w/ the new moms got be down a little, but eh.

Going to get some grapefruit juice this Sunday. When are you supposed to start drinking it to help with CM?

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