Thursday, January 13, 2011

Just wanted to gab some

Nothing really going on in the lady bits. Still trying to figure out if the Left O is producing anything or not. Dern you bowels! *shakes fist*

I've been watching Grey's Anatomy on netflix instant watch. I never really got in to the show until last year. I've seen some of the earlier seasons, but didn't watch it regularly.
I know everyone just loves Patrick Dempsey's character, but UGH what a DOUCHE. I'm at the part where he has gotten back together with Addison, trying to work on their marriage. NM that he still tries to hang all over Grey like a damn dog in heat.
I just don't understand why anyone, let alone women would be behind this character.

I know I know, welcome to a few years ago when anyone cared! lol I just had to rant about it b/c watching the show back to back to back gets to you. :P

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