Monday, January 10, 2011

First E2

Well, thankfully the RE's office called early w/ the results.
He called DH's cell phone for some reason, but whatever.

My E2 only came back at 59, but I'm supposed to stick with the 125 until Wed.
Not going to lie, it really pisses me off that I have to stay at 125 when my E2 is still only at 59, but what can I do, ya know?
I'm not one to disobey a dosage even though I want to lol
I just don't understand why I have to stay on such a low dose when my E2 is still so low.
Whatever though. Even though I'm frustrated and PO'd about that, I'm still feeling good about this cycle.

I had my first cup of grapefruit juice today. BLEH. It's SO just... BLEH. I LOVE the smell of grapefruits, but the taste... just not for me.
Oh well, hopefully it will help. I read some posts from women (googled), that said the same day they had some juice it helped, while others say it takes time. So I figured I might as well start now just in case.
Going to aim for about a cup every morning.


LisaB said...

I hope your levels start shooting up soon! Grow follies, grow!! FX!

unaffected said...

Good luck! I absolutely hate grapefruit anything, so I commend you on drinking that pisswater!!! :D