Thursday, January 20, 2011

And a not so nerdy moment.

Getting lots of EWCM.
I got some weird stuff last night. It was right before I went to bed. I used the bathroom and on the TP, it was like vaseline. I dunno what the hell it was. It was slick and felt greasy just like vaseline. Not sure if it came out of me, or maybe it was on the tp b/c it was the last little bit on the roll or what.
I know it wasn't the stuff the RE's office uses to lube up the dildo cam. That stuff is like preseed.

But yeah, no weirdness today, just feeling lots of CM down there. Went to the bathroom and checked and there is A LOT of it. I think the grapefruit juice is really helping.

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unaffected said...

I'm glad the grapefruit juice is working! :)