Saturday, January 15, 2011

And yet another one

Another celeb is pregnant, or at least just announced it.

Good for them and all but I HATE hearing about celebs getting pregnant, b/c you know damn well that as soon as the baby is born, some of them will whore out photos of the baby, and will then be on covers talking about how they miraculously lost ALL of the baby weight and then some as if it's totally normal and every woman should be back to their pre-baby weight RIGHT after giving birth.
It's such a load of shit.

Anywho, just up waiting to go for my appointment. I'll be back later w/ details.


Kerrik said...

No worries Lisa. For celebrities, their bodies are part of their contract; hence,they will pay any price, hire the best of the best trainers, and spend 6 hours a day in a gym (while the newborn is with the nanny), to get that pre-baby body back.

LisaL said...

Yeah, but I just hate that most lie about how they get their bodies back. They conviently forget to mention that they probably had one of those C-section/lipo/tummy tucks done after giving birth. Or that yes, they have a personal trainer and can spend most of their day working out b/c they have a nanny taking care of their baby.