Saturday, January 29, 2011


HPT is finally negative. Now the loooong loooong wait is on to see if I'll get a positive again or not. MAN I hope so! According to FF I'm only 6po so still have plenty of time to get a BFP. It's going to feel like forever.
If I am 6dpo, then AF is due for next thursday (3rd).

I've been feeling some twinging going on down there on my left side. Def a cyst. My right side hasn't been recently, but I'm sure it will probably start back up.
Would be great if we could feel implantation. I want some light cramping or something dernit! lol My eggbert(s) should be in the uterus by now :P

Ok so bowling wasn't that bad. DH's coworkers were all really nice. I still don't like meeting new people though. I felt so out of place. They all knew eachother and were laughing it up and I just felt like dead weight.
I did end up bowling though. That was fun and I totally suck at it, BUT I beat DH! MUAHAHAHAHA
We played 3 games and I beat him every time. Poor guy just can't throw that ball straight to save his life lol.
So yeah, it was fun but not really something I'd want to do often.
They're talking about going paintballing though. Now THAT is something I'd want to do. I'd be the easy slow moving target, but it would be fun lol.

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