Sunday, January 30, 2011


Still negative. I'm having some serious line-o-vision though. I think you can see it in the photo. What's the term they use now for the faulty FRERs... ghost line? I'll start using that for what happens w/ ICs sometimes as well.
I think that's all it is. Just a ghost line.

About to head back to bed. Or well, go sleep on the couch. DH's snoring keeps waking me up and I feel bad constantly telling him to roll over. He's a light sleeper and has trouble sleeping well on his own. He doesn't need me to make it worse. Need to invest in some ear plugs.

Oh and last night while laying in bed. I was getting some pretty strong sharp pains on my right O area. Dunno what was going on there, but thankfully it didn't last too long.
OO just felt them a second ago. Is it sad that I'm hoping it's just cysts? lol

Oh and my bewbs still hurt. I'm taking that as a great sign. I can't remember when they started to not hurt last injection cycle. I just remember that the aching did start to fade. That was my first indication that it was a bust cycle. I hope that won't happen this time. At least stay sore to keep my hopes up lol.
Come on bewbies! Don't fail me now!

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