Saturday, January 15, 2011


My body is seriously resisting the meds this time around.
Sigh, if only the RE had just been super aggressive to begin with.
Even though I am frustrated with him, I'm still feeling really positive about this cycle.

My E2 only came back an 81 today. BOOOO
I was sure it would be over 100 by now, but I guess my body has other plans.
RE has finally bumped up my dose a good bit to 200.
I have 2 vials of follistim. Each one should give me 2 days, so 4 days total IF I stay on the 200 dose. If I get upped again, then we're going to have to buy more.
UGH I hope our insurance comes through. Going to have to tell the RE on Monday when we go in that they may need to go ahead and place another order for mre follstim for me b/c of the prior approval thing.

And yep... I'm still feeling twinges. Who the heck knows what my ovaries are doing. lol
Hopefully the 200 dose kicks my ovaries imaginary butts in to gear and gets some follicles growing!

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LisaB said...

Come on ovaries - do your thang!! FX