Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Stupid frickin insurance....

Anyways... Forgot to mention what else occurred.
So the RE actually called me back yesterday. Have I mentioned how awkward he is? I know I have, but damn.
Anywho, he starts telling me that there's no way of knowing how I'll react towards meds.. talking about how many follicles I've been producing and such.
I think he was trying to give me the option of either going up in dose from the start, or trying it the long way again where I produced more than 1 follicle (and got pregnant).
He didn't exactly word it as an option. Just asked if I got frustrated having to stim for so long, and I answered honestly. Hell yes I did! Ok so I didn't answer it quite like that, but you get the point heh.
So after telling him that, he said we'll go ahead and just try a higher dose from the start. He said 125u, which I'm not too happy about, but whatever.
I think he's forgetting that at the end of the long stim preggo cycle, I was on 250u for 7 days. I'm sure that was a huge reason why I produced the 3 follicles I did.

Oh well..... I'd be more than willing to stim that long again if it means I get pregnant and stay that way.

Oh and back to the insurance. In the letter they had sent us telling us about the change, they make it clear that if I wanted to even try IUI, that the fert meds would not be covered. I knew it! I knew those bastards wouldn't pay up for the meds even if we paid for the IUI OOP.
Have I mentioned how much I hate insurance? Grrrrrrr

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LisaB said...

Stupid insurance!!

I wish they would just start you at a high dose...they can always back down on it if necessary. But I hope you have a great response this cycle! *babydust*