Sunday, January 23, 2011

Just thinking

About the what ifs and trying to plan it out.
More negative right now than positive I'm afraid.
Such as what if this doesn't work and our insurance won't pay for anything else.
As I said before, I will go at losing weight with a vengeance. There is someone on the forums that I go to that used to be in the same buddy group. She stopped posting there, but I've seen her posts around the forums.
Just saw yesterday that she was pregnant and had lost a phenomenal 77lbs! Read a little bit more, and saw that for the past I think it was 6? months, her cycles had returned to normal (she suffers from PCOS).
That was really encouraging to see.
I just hope that my weight comes off quickly. I know it takes a lot of effort and time, but I can still hope for it. I'm sure I'll have to end up living with losing 1-2lbs per week though lol.
At the end of June we're supposed to be taking a road trip with some of DH's friends that are visiting. Hopefully I'll be pregnant, but if not, then going by the 2lbs per week thing... then I'll just hope to be 40lbs lighter.... FX for being pregnant or FX for being skinnier.

As for my plan to lose weight. I want to try to eliminate a lot of processed foods and reduce my carbs a considerable amount. SO much easier said than done though. Damn I wish fruit was less expensive and kept for longer.
Other than that though, really just watching what I eat a bit more but not putting things as off limits.
I really don't eat THAT badly now, but I'm sure some of the things I eat aren't great and is keeping the weight on.
Also of course I'll start exercising again. Probably start alternating between P90, and Turbo Jam. If we decide to spend the money on one, then add in some rowing on a rowing machine as well. DH wants one very badly, but MAN are they expensive for the good ones!
He really needs to start exercising as well. I love every single inch of him, but I know he's so unhappy with his current weight. I think if I started to work out, it would give him the motivation to start up again.

So yeah, that's my big negative thought What If.
Just want to be prepared if the worst scenerio occurs.

Now if the best one happens. Well then I'll have to get my butt in to gear and start working on the nursery collage again. DH thinks what I have up there is scary lol. Eh it's a little weird, but not scary I don't think :P And with everything else that's going to go up, it'll be less weird. I'll eventually post photos of that once I have more done.
And I have this pattern of a dragon plushie that I want to make. And if I can't do it myself ask DH's mother or aunt to make it for me & eventually ask them to make our baby a baby quilt in the design that I want that matches the fantasy theme of the nursery.
I have so much planned to do if we get pregnant and stay pregnant. So much that I hope we get to start doing soon.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Lisa! Just wanted to say good luck with your weight loss!!! I know its not easy, but once you do it you'll wish you had done it sooner. If you need anything (support, recipes, etc.....just send me a pm!)

Shari54 :)