Saturday, January 29, 2011

Something is def going on...

... on my left side. Keep feeling a weird twangy cramping sensation. It's not really painful, more of an uncomfortable feeling. It doesn't last for long. It could be bowel though I guess.
I did skip my metformin yesterday b/c of the bowling thing. Didn't want to get the shits in a bowling alley bathroom... BLEH. Bad enough I have to do that at home lol.
Usually when I skip the met, I poop like a normal person.
Well I started back up the met today and really, still nothing much going on. Had a normal BM earlier but nothing since.
AND I ate spicy pickles AND the spicy soup for dinner. The pickles alone should've flared up my met IBS, but nope.
I'm sure I'll be paying for it tomorrow though lol.

My bad for talking about my crap so much this post lol. I'm about to head to bed and I always get chatty around this time.

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