Friday, January 21, 2011

4mm a day!

So much for the 2mm a day rule!
My appointment went fantastic.
I was wrong about the smaller size follicle. The nurse mentioned that it was 13mm.
Anywho, got my u/s and it showed that both follicles were measuring at 21mm, the larger being almost 22. WOOOOOO *happy dance*
Got the trigger shot there.
Got my progest prescrip, dropped that off (they didn't have any made so we have to go back later to pick it up)... I start those on tuesday.
We got home a little while ago, I used the bathroom, and felt super slick down there. Thought it might just be the goop they use, but nope, it was mostly me. There was a thick string of EWCM hanging off the tp lol. Ewww I know, but it was still exciting to see as weird as that is rofl.

But yeah, really excited and scared! I'm still feeling really positive, but that fear of this not working is creeping in a little.


A said...

YAYYYY!!!! Awesome news! GL to you!!!!

SLESE1014 said...

Awesome follies!!! Good luck!