Monday, July 18, 2011

10dpo and...

BFNs so far. Boooooo
Took a test early this am at 5:40. One had a shadow line, so took another and nothing.

Went back to sleep.... woke up at 9. Took another test. Whadyaknow... another shadow line. Took another test, and the 2nd actually had a 2nd line too, except that it's too close to the control.

So yeah, pretty confident I'm just having bad luck with these tests right now.
I also took an opk, but it's very negative.

Symptoms are pretty much the same.

Bewby tenderness varies. Sometimes it's more sore than others.
Still having weird dreams.
Still getting hot flashes.
I had bad nausea last night along with burping up vomit/food. It was when I was trying to get to sleep. I couldn't lay on my side or stomach without the nausea getting worse. I actually gagged once. BLEH.

Erm, I think that's about it.

My temp went up just a little today. 98.6 to 98.67. Not a huge different or anything, but just so SO glad it didn't go down.
I was terrified that I'd wake up to my temp down in the 97's. I'm still scared that that is going to happen.

I'm having such conflicting emotions right now.
The hopeful side of me really feels like this is it.
But then the other side feels like I'm already out and that my symptoms are fading, and blahblahblah. SIGH

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LisaB said...

:-( Still keeping my FX for you!!