Friday, July 22, 2011

Not gonna waste time

AF could start tonight.
I'm not officially spotting yet, but I checked up ther an there's already blood. It's only brown but it's there.
I've been feeling wet since this morning and that's a def sign of AF for me.
Kind bummed b/c was hoping to get in some xrated action before it started. Progest sups just suck the libido right out of you UGH.
Oh well.. looks like I'm going to have to wait a week. SIGH
That's fine... just get this show on the road already!

Got in my box of 100 ICs heh. At least I have plenty for next cycle! YAY :D
Not sure if I'm going to have enough ICs though. Since I don't know when I could ovulate (if I even do), going to have to start using them kinda early.
We'll see. These ICs didn't take that long to get here, so I'll order more if it looks like I'll run out before I get a surge (if I do).

UGH..... Friday again! Yay for the weekend, but BOO for these damn family outtings!!!

EDIT: Went to the bathroom and wiped away AFish looking blood. A good bit, but not a whole lot yet. Yeah, AF is going to arrive tonight for sure.

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