Friday, July 15, 2011


It has begun! The craziness! Well... it started a couple days ago, but meh :P

Test this morning is interesting. It had a super super super faint line show up within the time limit. I mean extremely almost can't see it faint.
I don't think it's an early BFP though. Think it's just where the 2nd line should be showing up.
Tried everything I could to get it to show in a photo, but it's not gonna happen.
It's dried now, and it dried just slightly darker, but it's still WAY too light for our camera to pick up.

Oh well... maybe an afternoon test will show something too.. and be darker :D

How crazy would that be though. I'm only 7dpo! That egg would've had to have flown through my tube lol.
Sigh, I shouldn't get my hopes up but I am, can't help it.

I'll be back later with the afternoon test.

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