Monday, July 25, 2011

DH got a call

For some reason the RE calls DH's cell and not our home phone. Sigh, whatever.
Anywho, both of our chromosome tests came back NORMAL! WOOOO!
MAN that is a relief!! We certainly did not need something else to make this harder!

We pretty much have to call them back with whatever we want to do.
Damn.... too bad he couldn't hve called like 2 days ago. This could've been a medicated cycle! BOOOOO
Means that we have to wait ANOTHER MONTH! BLEH!
That's IF I ovulate again. If I don't it means another 40 days!!!! BLEEEEEEEH
Either way, we're not going to be trying with meds again until September!
Good lord that seems like such a long time to wait!! What a shitty B-day present that would be to me.

Anyway, hopefully I will ovulate on my own again and we'll catch a nice sticky egg this time!

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LisaB said...

Yay for good news!! I'm sorry it didn't come sooner :-( Hopefully you will have a nice regular cycle this time and a BFP!!!