Saturday, July 16, 2011


So tests this morning are BFN.
I took one at 5:30, and then 2 at 9.
The one at 5:30 had a very fain shadow line. I know it's not BFP... just a faulty one.
Tests at 9, one had an indent right where the 2nd line should be, so I took another.
Both BFNs.
Meh.... I'm only 8dpo. Not really a shocker that I'm testing BFN lol.
Although I will say... I was kind of expecting something to have showed up. I think it's just that my hopes are high, but I dunno.. it just felt like something should've shown. *shrugs* I'm sure I'll end up with another failed cycle under my belt.

I haven't completely lost hope.. not yet at least. I'm still in positive mode right now :P

I think if this is a failed cycle, my temp should probably drop tomorrow... maybe. We'll see.
My temps have been pretty damn high though. Just keep going up and up and up.
I think I'll know this is a failed cycle if I start feeling cool again. Right now I'm hot all the time :P

Symptoms... boobs are slightly more sore today. Was noticably more tender when I took my bra off last night. They're ok right now, just tender to the touch. This is my only big symptom. It's the only thing that can't really be explained away by something else.
Still having funky dreams.
Was nauseated during bed last night, but pretty sure that's b/c of greasy dinner.

Will test again later. FX for something!


Jen said...

Fingers Crossed!!!

SLESE1014 said...

definitely keeping fingers crossed!!!