Sunday, July 10, 2011

Men..... sigh

So, my temp was up this morning as well. Didn't go up much from yesterday, but 98.02 is still in my post-O range which is just unbelievable lol.
No BDing last night though.
DH pissed me off.
I mean how many times do I have to tell him that I may have ovulated? He knows the fertile window is small, yet he kept telling me no, or not right now, or after this or that.
Finally, by the time he was ready (which was when we were going to bed), I just told him no and went to sleep.
There's only so much rejection someone can take, ya know?
He wasn't trying to do it b/c he has performance issues, he's always been great in that area, he just didn't believe that there was even a small possibility of me ovulating.
I totally understand that since I never had before, but come on. Give me the benefit of the doubt here!
And it's not like I was asking for Gourmet sex.....SIGH

Anyway, I think we've done enough BDing to give us a chance though. It still would've been nice to get one more in yesterday afternoon when I had wanted to, but pfft, whatever.

I guess if my temps stay up, which I'm thinking they will, I'll be starting the progesterone tomorrow.

Gosh, it would be SO nice to get a BFP on my own. I hope so... I really really hope so.
Also would be nice to be pregnant during the winter months... and have a baby at the beginning of spring. How awesome would that be.... starting down a new life path with our little baby.
Sigh..... a girl can dream.....

Just one more day of being lazy. Honestly not looking forward to the exercising, but I'm excited to actually start something.
If my body is trying to work now, then it can only get better as I get healthier!
And I know I've been slack with the photos. I'm just being lazy with posting them!


LisaB said...

Sorry for no BD :-( It looks like you covered your bases though! And that temp spike looks like ovulation to me! I'm keeping EVERYTHING crossed for you sweetie!!! GL!

Alyssa said...

I definitely think you ovulated and that you BD'd enough :)

Why do you have an open circle today?

LisaL said...

Took my temp about 40mins from when I usually take it. Not a big deal, but FF thinks so lol.

Alyssa said...

Did you take it 40 minutes sooner or 40 minutes later?