Monday, July 25, 2011

Now, go away!

AF that is.
BLEH! Still have at least 3 more days of it though.
My right ovary is really sore for some reason.
Ah the mysteries of my body... how there are many.

So since it's a bit of a lull right now waiting for things to happen or not. Might as well chat about losing weight since that's another big issue here.
I just took my measurements and everything looks great :D
Last time I took measurements was back in March, so things could be a lot better if I had bothered to exercise any. I am starting today. I already have my exercise stuff on. Just trying to drink some liquids and wake up a bit more before I start.

Ok so measurements. First and in green will be from March, 2nd in red is from today.

Bust:    42.25 - 41
Underbust:    37.5 - 37
Top Stomach (above waist):    39.5 - 38.5
Waist:    38 - 36.75
Pooch (below waist):    43.5 - 41.25
Hips:    43.25 - 42.25
R Thigh:    26 - 24.5
L Thigh:    26.5 - 24.25
R Upper Arm:    17 - 15.75
L Upper Arm:    16.5 - 15

Total:      330 - 316.25

Not too shabby for just changing my diet.
But yeah, I know it could've been A LOT better by now if I would just exercise. It's just SO difficult doing something that you REALLY don't want to do though lol.
I MUST start though. It's just not going to happen if I rely on motivation to do it. I just have to start it for myself and for DH.
I know he hasn't been doing anything either b/c I haven't. I know if I start back up, he will as well.
Already told him that we are exercising today. No excuses!

Our eating has been better, but I'm struggling w/ snacking right now. I've boiled up some eggs for snacks so I'm sure that will help. I know I'm so snacky b/c of 1: AF, and 2: b/c my body had gotten used to the carbs and sugar for fuel again.
Gotta get it back in to burning fat for it's fuel and hopefully back to not feeling hungry.

Alrighty, have to do a few things before I start working out. I'll be back afterwards to share how it went and what I did. It's not gonna be much, but it's gonna be something!

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Crystal said...

Congrats on the weight loss! What an amazing feat.. 13.75 pounds (did I do my math right?) is amazing! Who cares how long it took, the fact is, you're making progress!

Exercising is a PITA :) It's hard to stay motivated!

Good luck with the weight loss, exercise, and TTC! I'll be reading along :)